Virus Removal
Clean and remove any virus infections as well as spyware and addware that may be slowing down your computer.
Router/Network Setup
Andd more...

Software Installation
*Mac OSX
*Windows 8
*Windows 7
*Windows Vista
*Windows XP
*Microsoft Office
And more....

Laptop/Desktop Hardware Installation
*Hard Drive
*Graphics card
*Sound Card
*Wireless card
And more....
Cellphone and Tablet Repairs - $39.99 (plus parts)
From broken glass or lcd, to faulty buttons or housing being damaged.
iPhones, iPads and most devices could be repaired within a few hrs in most cases.
Virus Removal and Tune Up - $39.99
Scan your whole computer for any type of malware, addware, spyware, virus, trojans, rootkits... etc and clean it up.
Optimze computer settings for faster booting, and to ge the most out of your computer.
System Restore - $39.99
Restore your computer to factory setting. All personal data will be wiped off.
*Data could be backed up for an aditional fee
Data Backup - $69.99
Back up your personal files like pictures, music and documents. Up to 30gb (On a flashdrive)
Hardware Install - $39.99 (plus hardware)
Need to install that new Graphics card? How about that new sound card? Upgrading your hard drive? Let us do it for you.
Software Install - $29.99 (plus software)
Installing a new software? QuickBooks, Office2010, Nero... Let us help you.
Network Set up and Secure - $129.99
Just purchased that new router? But cant get it to work? Need a wireless secure connection? Let us help wyou with that. Setup, configure and secure your wireless router and network. Connect up to 3 devices to your wireless network
Laptop LCD Replcacements - $99.99 and up
Broken screen on the laptop? Dead pixels? There is no need to buy a new laptop. We can replace your screen. Price varies on make and mode.
Laptop Power Jack Replacement - $69.99
Is your DC Jack loose? Do you have to wiggle your charger to get it to charge? Did your charger tip melt off inside the DC Jack? Whatever the case may be we can repair your DC Jack very fast and for a great price!
Laptop Keyboard Replcacement - $49.99 and up
Does your keyboard have missing keys? Does your keyboard show major signs of use? Or just not working? You might just need a new one!!
Windows Password Remover - $39.99
Have you forgotten or misplaced your windows login password on your windows pc or laptop?
Expedite Service - $49.99
We start on your system right away. This fee is on top of all other fees. DOES NOT GUARANTEE TO BE COMPLETE SAME DAY, but we will try our best to do so. (except when parts need to be order)
Call or Text Now
210-643-8798 Mario - Please leave a Voice message if not able to get to the phone.